The Hinterlands

In the north of the Golden Kingdom lies a vast wilderness known as the Hinterlands. This area is sparsely populated, containing long tracts of untamed forest. Only a brave few homesteaders and rangers live in these lands.


The Hinterlands is divided by a long ridge that runs between the two mountain ranges which border the Golden Kingdom on the east and west. The Valniran Scarp can be seen for miles to anyone stand to its south. The Goesen river travels from its headwaters in the northern part of the Hinterlands, where the two mountain chains meet in the Spearhead Range, down over the Scarp at the Mantis Falls. It is here that Ander Dannad built his Tumbledown Inn, overlooking the valley created by the falls.

Wild beasts and fey creatures can be found roaming the dark woods to the north of the Scarp. Travel in these parts is not for the faint of heart.

The Hinterlands

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