The younger sister of Aelith ari’Arathnee, Starsha is a young female elf who was born spellscarred. These magical birthmarks run up the left side of her body and neck, ending on her check. People say she has always been special, touched. Luck seems to always find her, whether good or bad.

In a recent attack on her village of Forlond Starsha was kidnapped by the undead. The Field Team managed to discover she had been taken by Camon, a dark wizard. Camon was bringing his prisoners to the manse of his master for use in his cruel and unusual experiments.


When the Field Team found her, she had been placed under a geas, and being held as the master’s “guest”. They managed to rescue her from the manse, and return her to Forlond. There the Wisdom performed a cleansing ritual and Starsha was reunited with her sister.


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