Morcuilé is an elven spring festival celebrated by elves of the Woodsinger clan and their cadet branches. The festival celebrates the departing of the winter and the rebirth of the world in the coming of spring. It also marks the time when the spirits of the dead leave this world for the next. Corellon is the patron god of this festival. Offerings and prayers are given in his name to invoke a bountiful summer and good fortune for the spirits of loved ones.

The festival is said to originate from the times when the avatars of the gods still strode the earth. Elves who fought bravely with the Gods against the Primordials were said to have been escorted to the celestial realm by the Gods during the spring equinox. This was the time of year that the veil betweens planes is at its thinest, and the rebirth of the world was at hand.


The Morcuilé festival is now marked by a parade to the central meeting point or ceremonial space in the elven village, followed by a large celebration and much feasting. While the parade starts off with a solemn nature, like the coming of spring the festival soon turns to much merry-making and frivolity. Participants in the parade dress in costumes representative of the dead spirits. Funeral attire and skull masks are most common, with some people painting their faces to look like a skull. Colourful flowers are used to signify the coming of spring, and the spirits being freed from the mortal realm.


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