Jimmy 'The Mick'

Jimmy the Mick, was born James Aloysius Portnoy, on a small farm outside of Harkenwold, as the fourteenth child of Beulah (née Hayslip) and Rutager Portnoy. He spent most of his youth labouring away on his father’s farm, with no hope of an inheritance. The days were long and hard, and the evenings spent fighting for floor space to sleep in the Portnoy’s meager cottage. Meals consisted of a thin gruel his mother gave the lesser children, while his father and oldest brothers got the little bits of meat they were able to scrounge from the butchers. This left Jimmy small for his age all growing up. His sisters used this to take advantage of him whenever they could.


Undeterred by his horrid family life, Jimmy decided that he would venture out on his own, to the burgeoning metropolis of Aendolin, to find his own way in the world. He took the clothes on his back, and the few coppers he managed to hid from his siblings and left the provincial life behind. Upon arriving in town, he and his coppers were soon parted. Desperate for money, he signed on as security with a caravan travelling into the Hinterlands carrying trade goods to the small villages and farmsteads. While travelling, the caravan was attacked by undead under the control of Camon. Jimmy was captured and delivered to the dungeons and laboratory of Dr. Pirco, He was subjected to all manner of cruel experiments, ending with the implantation of a carrion crawler larva in his chest.

Rescued by the Field Team, Jimmy escaped the manse and returned to the Tumbledown Inn. Thinking he finally could return to a life of normality, Jimmy enjoyed a celebratory shot of Grog’s special strong stuff with his liberators. Unfortunately, this triggered the larva that was dormant inside him, causing it to burst from his chest, leaving Jimmy dead on the tavern floor.


Jimmy 'The Mick'

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