The city of Highrock lies on the western coast of the Pondian Sea. The settlement was originally founded around the fort and bailey built on the peninsula but has since grown onto the connecting isthmus. Here traders from up and down the coast and across the sea mingle with the farmers, miners and woodsmen from throughout the Golden Kingdom. Goods from as far away as the Crystal Fens to the south, and from the Hinterlands of the north can be found in the city of Highrock. Even ambitious traders from the Nentir Vale, west of the Dawnforge Mountains bring their wares to port. Many artisans, labourers and merchants make their living in the various workshops and guildhalls found here, with ample materials being traded throughout the city.

A large deepwater port, known locally as The Docks resides on the south-west side of the isthmus. Many a tavern and brothel are located here to service the throng of sailors and sea dogs that frequent the port. The Docks are not a place for the faint of heart, as a turn down the wrong alley could quickly separate one from one’s purse.

A large city on the western shores of the Pondian Sea, Highrock is a major trade centre on the east coast of Altamareia
Population: 75 000, with another 2000 in the surrounding farmlands. All races are represented here as the city sees trade from a vast area. The most populous are the humans, dwarves, halflings and dragonborn.
Government: The dragonborn noble Rolutus Moonscale is the Lord Protector of Highrock. This hereditary title has been passed down since the founding of the city, some 400 years ago. The Lord Protector appoints a council, mainly guild masters, to help run the civic aspects of the city.
Defence: The city is ringed by a shield wall, manned by the city guard. Upwards of 350 city guard are employed to keep the peace in the city. There is also a small fleet of ships that patrol the coast to dissuade piracy. The Lord Protector does have a small standing unit of 60 of his finest warriors and can call upon 1800 militia if needed.
Inns: The Longfellow Inn; The Dancing Stag; Highrock Heights; Good Knights Rest
Taverns: The Gilded Grouse; Portly Pete’s; Flatbottom’s; The Queen’s Ride; Barley and Coc; the Golden Hind; The God’s Head
Supplies: Hultgren’s Haversack; Clothes Minded; Gnome Depot; Philosophers’ Scone; Bloodbath and Beyond
Magic Shops: The Last Spell; The Original Last Spell; The Famous Last Spell; The Famous Original Last Spell
Temples: Basilica of Bahamut; House of the Dawn Sun (Pelor); the Temple of Avandra; The Greyhalls Temple (Erathis)



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