Aelith ari'Arathnee

Aelith ari’Arathnee is a young girl from a small elven village of Forlond in the heart of the Hinterlands. Luthien had travelled to Forlond a few years ago whilst she was ranging. Aelith met Luthien at that time, albeit only briefly while Luthien had stayed for the night. Enthralled with Luthien’s tales of the wide forest, Aelith has since started her quest to become a ranger herself.

Aelith is small for her age, with auburn hair. She carries a slim bladed sword and wears green ranging clothes with a blue cape. She looks up to those who have the interests of the forest at heart, as she endeavours to become one of its protectors.


Aelith has been sent out by the village elders to seek help in finding their patron spirit animal. The moonlight bear said to protect the village has gone missing. Aelith was on her way to Aendolin to find the assistance she needed when she stopped for the evening at the Tumbledown Inn. As she was resting in the common room, Luthien and her party returned from the cellars of the inn. Aelith, surprised to see her here, approached Luthien with the request for aid, hoping that her ranger idol would lend assistance. Twillingbottom thought this was a great idea, to learn more about the moonlight bear, and so encouraged the group to aid Aelith in her quest.

Upon their return after rescuing the moonlight bear, Aelith’s village fell victim to an attack from an undead horde. While the Hearthall was besieged, Aelith ran to save her family. Her efforts were in vain, as outnumbered as she was, she was unable to save the life of her mother and infant brother. Her younger sister, Starsha was kidnapped by the soulless, and taken to parts unknown.

Aelith ari'Arathnee

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