The origin of the owlbear is a subject of great debate among scholars of the monstrous creatures of the world. However, most concur that at some point in the distant past, a deranged wizard created the original specimens by crossing an owl with a bear in some ghastly experiment. Whatever the original purpose of such a freakish creation, the creatures bred true and have become quite well established in the woodlands across the world. It plays a key role as an apex predator in many ecosystems.


Owlbears are notoriously bloodthirsty killers, well known for their short tempers, aggression, and savage nature. Many scholars tha have encounter these creatures in the wild have noted that they all have red-rimmed eyes that roll wildly, especially when one threatens the owlbear’s young. Some suggest this is a sign of madness, perhaps as result of their original creation, but more level-headed researchers believe that it’s simply part of the way the massive bird-beast’s keen eyes are constructed.

Owlbears make their lair in dark caves, or ruins, or dense areas of woodland. Found most often in mated pairs, they hunt together while leaving their young behind as they search for prey. Owlbear juveniles can fetch a price of up to 3,000 gp in many city markets.

While it is considered impossible to truly domesticate owlbears due to their feral natures, they can still be used as guard beasts if properly trained. A full-grown male can stand 8 feet tall and weigh up to 1500 pounds.


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