Forlond is an elven village that lies in the Hinterlands north of the Valniran scarp. It is inhabited by elves of the Woodsinger clan. It is also the home of the elven ranger Aelith ari’Arathnee. The population is 95% elves, with only a few humans and itinerate dragonborn travellers and hunters. It is the largest gathering of Woodsinger elves on the eastern side of the Dawnforge mountains. Forlond is one of the few habitations in the Hinterlands and considers itself somewhat autonomous from the rule of the Golden Kingdom and the Moonscale family.

Forlond recently fell victim to an attack by the restless dead. A horde of skeletons and zombies assailed the villagers in the midst of their Morcuilé festival. Many were left dead, and while saved from destruction, the elutar was hacked from its place in the Hearthall. Since the attack, the village has been fortified with a stout wooden palisade, and an increased watch presence with more rangers on duty. The Wisdom has sworn never to be caught off guard again.

A large village located in the Hinterlands of the Golden Kingdom, Forlond is a lonely outpost in the otherwise dangerous lands.
Population: 75. All are elves except for a few human hunters and a Dragonborn traveller who has been wintering in Forlond.
Government: Forlond is run by a small council of wise women, headed by the chief of the clan, known as the Wisdom.
Defence: Forlond is protected by the collection of rangers and woodfolk who are also responsible for the bulk of the hunting for the village. Lookouts are stationed around the perimeter of the town. The population can retreat to the Hearthall if need be in times of crisis. A new wooden palisade is being constructed around the perimeter of the town. A permanent town watch has been employed.
Buildings of note: The Hearthall; Finubar’s Post; Ceremonial Pit; Melgain’s Healing Hut; Moonrisers.



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