Bloodthorn Vine

The Bloodthorne vine (also referred to as the Dagger vine, or Needle creeper) is native to the Hinterlands, north of the Valniran scarp. These deadly vines creep through forests seeking the life fluids of other creatures to draw up through their hollow thorns. Lifeless desiccated corpses can be found half buried in the detritus around where a bloodthorn vine hunts its prey.


The Bloodthorn vine is a large evergreen climbing plant, growing up to 50 metres in length. The vine can gain a thickness of up to 25 cm in diameter. The vine itself is dark green in colour, with pale white leaves. Long, hollow, needle-like thorns grow throughout its length. These thorns can be bent back to allow the vine to move quickly through the undergrowth or forest trees.

A bloodthorn vine attacks by grabbing a foe and sucking its blood through a sharp, hollow thorn. When a bloodthorn vine feeds, its pale leaves turn the colour of its victim’s blood. It will continue to constrict the victim until all the fluids have been drained, and then toss the dried husk to the ground.

Bloodthorn Vine

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