Several leagues south fo the Valniran Scarp lies the town of Aendolin. Originally found pre-Reaving, the town that is now Aendolin we rededicated a few centuries ago with the discovery of gold and other precious gems and metals along the base of the escarpment. The high wooden palisade surrounding the town shelters the inhabitants from the dangers of the forest. Furs and lumber are harvest from the forest by the people of the town for export down to Summerhavn.

Aendolin is the town farthest north in the Golden Kingdom. As such, it is seen as somewhat of a backwater by most folk living in Summerhavn or Highrock. The name comes from an old dragonborn slang for End of the Wolrd. The escarpment itself can be seen over the tops of the trees when looking north. Aendolin is the last chance to rest and gather supplies for those brave homesteaders who are heading to the Hinterlands to try and start a new life.

The northernmost town in the Golden Kingdom, Aendolin is home to many woodsmen, hunters, prospectors, and has a small cottage industry of artisans and crafters.
Population: 600. Humans and elves make up the largest segment of the town, with dwarves and dragonborn then next largest groups. Occasionally travellers from other towns show up with trade or seeking adventure.
Government: Aendolin is ruled by Magistrate Ashenhide. He is a member of a small cadet branch of the Moonscale clan that was originally put in power in Aendolin as punishment for a past transgression. He is somewhat of an inept ruler and fumbles through the administration of the town.
Defence: A small local militia of approximately 30 people can be roused in times of need. Usually, there are 10 or so on duty, acting as the Town Watch, lead by the young Sergeant Vimes. The town itself is surrounded by a high wooden palisade. Two gates lead in and out of the town, which are closed at night.
Areas of Interest: Strongarm Brewery, Sunrise Square, Gentle Giant Inn and Tavern, The Deepwell, Paulenstein’s Potions.



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