Yukon Cornelius

Dwarf Cleric


A cheerful and boisterous dwarf who hails from the Nentir Vale, Yukon has flaming red hair, with a long braided beard. He wears the vestements of his order, dedicated to Moradin. When he is out adventuring he will wear these underneath a long chainmail hauberk. Short in stature but big in heart, he is willing to help whomever he encounters on his travels. He carries a large warhammer, and the symbol of his faith on a cord around his neck.



Yukon Cornelius was brought up in the typical dwarven traditions of strong family, and stonger faith. He joined the Order of Holy Hammerers at the tender age of 37. After his apprenticeship he set out into the world to spread the word of Moradin, help those in need, and most importantly, search out and discover rare and exotic minerals to return to the forges of his order. He was prospecting the foothills of the Dawnforge Mountains on the western side of the Hinterlands when he was set upon by the Greystone Brigands. They threw him into their cells, where he festered until released by Twillingbottom and his companions.

Yukon Cornelius

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