Vavara Meyana

Eladrin Invoker


Age 150

Tall blonde graceful beauty; handles all situations with calm and careful magical intervention, unless an ally or family member is attacked….then those around better watch out…


Reveres Corellon and Melora. Mother always had a special connection to Melora, God of the wilderness and the sea, protects places of the world from destruction, hunts aberrant monsters, lives in harmony with the wild, yet Corellon is the God of spring beauty and the arts, seeded the world with magic and planted the ancient forest in which the Meyanas reside; he encourages to seek out lost magic items, forgotten rituals and ancient works of art. The Eladrins in the Meyana family are healers and very skilled in the art of magic but also devout in their reverance of these 2 deities.


In the citadel of Evermeet resided a library older than time itself, it is to this library that Vavara would spend her early days, from as long as she could remember reading, learning the arts of magic and studying how to serve Corellon and Melora. One day, as she was trekking down the mountain to the clearing in which her family lives outside of the mountainous lavish of the rest of her Eladrin clan, she came across a Feyowl. The Feyowl conveyed to her that Melora wanted her to focus her studying on arcane magic and nature, and become an Invoker on her behalf. The owl also told her that it would help her family with healing but she would also enable Vavara to make a difference in the world. If she was up to her challenge, however she would have to leave Feywild for 1 year and enter the realm of the human in order to expand her naturalistic exploration and learning. Vavara hurried to her parents who supported the plan. After 50 long years of learning in the library the Feyowl arranged the Final Covenant with Melora on the 5th day of the 5th month of Vavara’s 50th year. It is on that day that Vavara attained her invoker status in this secret Final Covenant meeting; she was full of divine power and ready to leave the Feywild to explore and engage with nature per Melora’s want and protect nature and it’s creatures with all of her wrath wherever she went. What she would say is that her Final Covenant was a mix of both the covenant of Preservation whereby charged her to defend the faithful and ally to those who seek to defeat god’s enemies, those who destroy all that is natural and beautiful, but there certainly are elements in Vavara that mimic the Covenant of Wrath when she sees nature has been destroyed, or, in her true Eladrin way, when an ally has been harmed.

She travelled long and far in her journey in those first few months, and though Vavara preferred the company of her lonesome to most others, she missed her family and wanted to expedite her travels in order to maximize learning to get back to them. She felt that if she joined a band of like-minded others that she would be able to cover more ground; it was on this day that she spotted Geronimus P. Twillingbottom’s ad at the Tumbledown Inn and decided that to be her fate. She being a relatively calm persona, full of intellect and fervor of her goal, was nervous to meet those that would have also answered the ad, but then decided, how different could these humans really be if they answered the same ad?

Vavara Meyana

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