Püff Iskrem

Dragonborn Warlord


16 years old
280 lbs
Lawful – Good
Ice Breath



Püff hails from the northern land of Scandan. She comes from a wealthy, militant family. From a young age Püff was trained in the art of war. She excelled as a battle field commander, and is able to control the tides of battle. When she reached womanhood, she was promised to the son of the Iskrem family’s largest rival. Püff could not abide by this, she needed to follow her heart. One week before the blood binding ceremony, Püff disappeared.
After around a year of wandering, Püff stopped at a brothel in The Docks looking for some release. After beating up a couple of men who were harassing her, she was ushered out by Gyna Roundpound. The two fought for quite some time, and after realizing they were evenly matched, they shook hands and became steadfast friends.
Püff was raised as a worshipper of Bahamut, but forsook her teachings. She realized that her beliefs aligned more closely with the followers of the dragon goddess Tamara. Tamara is the goddess of life, light and mercy. Undead creatures are an affront to Tamara, and as such, Püff has an obligation to destroy any such creatures she encounters.
At a young age, Püff realized she prefers the company of women. Püff feels a great deal of admiration for Gyna, on account of her combat prowess. She thinks Gyna is falling in love with her, but views Gyna as only a friend… for now.

Püff wants to master the art of combat. She stumbled across Twillingbottom’s ad, and figured it would be a great way to improve her skills. She showed it to Gyna and was happy to hear that Gyna would come along. She feels safe with Gyna by her side.

Püff Iskrem

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