Luthien Nerithana

Female Elven Ranger


Long, shiny black hair, worn in a single long braid. When she is alone, she will let it flow wild.

She wears natural colours of the forest: a dark green travel cloak, a gray tunic, leather boots, and a green stone pendant


Introverted, a little mysterious

Deep love for nature: all things that grow, wild creatures and forest lore



Personal history:

· Hails from a forest realm from a long line of renowned rangers
· Raised by her older sister, Imizael, as their parents died when Luthien was young. Imizael was recently killed protecting a village under their watch from an orc raid. Luthien feels guilt over this, as she had come to the battle late, having wandered off to follow a rare white stag.
· Luthien and her sister have always talked about setting off to see the world together, but never had the chance before Imizael’s untimely death. Luthien answers this call to adventure partly for a fresh start and partly to honour her late sister.

Luthien Nerithana

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