Gyna Roundpound

Half-orc Barbarian


Gyna (pronounced like “gina” in the word “vagina”) is a hefty half-orc fighter. She is a big woman with big appetites – mostly for pussy and violence! She is vulgar, intimidating, and blunt. Gyna is an incredibly strong and ruthless warrior (and lover). As you can see from the picture, she dresses in sexy little leather straps and a loin cloth.



Gyna comes from a port town, specifically the docks. She lived on the docks until she was 15 and then left to find her kin. She lived and trained with a group of orcs (living underground for 10 years) and has since moved back to the portside town. Until recently, she worked as security at a brothel (taking killing contracts on the side).

Gyna does not know much about her family, only what the dock workers have told her. They say that on a cold October morning something crawled out of the sea and gave birth to her. Gyna knows this is probably untrue, most of the dock workers were cruel and abused her mercilessly.

Gyna loves killing, especially killing men. She is a man hating machine! Until recently, her life goal was to fight and fuck as much as possible… but then she met Püff Iskrem. Gyna is totally infatuated and in love with Püff Iskrem. However, she will never say anything about how she feels (she is stubborn and terrified of rejection) … but she will follow Püff Iskrem to the ends of the earth! To Gyna, actions speak louder than words.

Gyna answered the advert because Püff Iskrem did. However, she made an excuse about needing money to cover her real motivation.

Gyna Roundpound

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