Berrian Meliamne

Half-elf Rogue


Dark purple or midnight blue tunic with an unknown type of hide (perhaps serpent skin) as his preferred armour. Shoulder length black hair with a tinge of white and grey streaks. Markings on armour and tunic appear to be paganistic. Has a poorly dressed bandage to cover his left eye, which is presumed missing. Multiple scars and gashes on his face caused by many skirmishes with blades.



It is rumored that Berrian was once the youngest son of a high born king. His father was a wonderful orator and was known to pour honey in the ear of both friend and foe. His father was also a filanderer and gambler, almost running his family into financial ruin. Some say Berrian tried most of his young adult life trying to repay his father’s debts. His missing eye is proof of this.

Berrian’s mother was a devout believer in the old pagan gods. As a result he learned the supernal tongue when he would often pray alongside his mother. Now that he is rid of his father, Berrian may seek solace in a priest’s life or perhaps use his hereditary attributes to forge a better path than his father’s; one that is full of fame and fortune.

Berrian’s reasoning for joining this call to adventure is two fold. While he certainly seeks fortune, another side calls to him, persuading him to bring an old order to a new but savage world.

Berrian Meliamne

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